Capture Your Last Year in School!

Our photo studio invites you and your class or course to a Graduation or Last Bell photoshoot, where you can reflect your personality and take friendly group pictures with your schoolmates and teacher. College and university groups are also invited to a graduation photoshoot.

What Makes Our “Graduation Photoshoot” Special?

The graduation photoshoot is special not only because it is an important life milestone, but also because it offers an opportunity to preserve and share the important moments, feelings, and friendships that were formed during your time at school. Do you want to preserve your special memories with elegance and style? Our photo studio invites you to a Graduation or Last Bell photoshoot where you can reflect your personality and the collective spirit together with your beloved teacher.

Why Choose Our “Graduation Photoshoot”?


Our team consists only of experienced photographers who can create unique and emotional shots.


We offer a minimalist environment without unnecessary details.


Professional photo processing ensures that images are ready for sharing and printing in a short timeframe.

“Graduation Photoshoot”: Prices and Offers

Graduation Photoshoot Prices

  • Graduation Photoshoot 60 min up to 10 people including the teacher – 150 EUR,
  • Graduation Photoshoot 90 min up to 15 people including the teacher – 200 EUR,
  • Graduation Photoshoot 120 min up to 20 people including the teacher – 250 EUR,

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Receiving the Photos

Within two weeks after the photoshoot, you will receive all the photos with basic processing in electronic form. 1 hour photoshoot, approximately, is 100 photos. The number of photos with additional processing-retouching depends on the duration of the photoshoot and the price.

Photo Printing

If you wish to keep the photos in a tangible form, we offer to make photo books, canvases, as well as prints of various sizes.
More information about prices and options can be found:
Photo Books>>>
Large Format Photo>>>

How to Prepare for the “Graduation Photoshoot”?

Preparing for a graduation photoshoot in the studio is an important step to ensure a successful and appropriate outcome. Here are some tips on how to prepare for a graduation photoshoot:

  1. Choose suitable attire: Select clothes that reflect your personality and style, but are also appropriate for a graduation/school photoshoot. Perhaps you want a classic and elegant look, or something more modern and expressive – it’s important that you feel comfortable and confident.

2. Visit a hairdresser or makeup artist: If you want your hair and makeup to look flawless, book time with a hairdresser and makeup artist in advance. This will help you look and feel better in front of the camera. You can also book our artists’ services, but keep in mind that the person will need to arrive 1 hour early to prepare.

Makeup – 50 EUR/1 person
Makeup + hair styling – 60 EUR/1 person
Evening makeup – 60 EUR/1 person
Evening makeup + hair styling – 70 EUR/1 person

3. Pay attention to details: Pay attention to details such as nails, shoes, and accessories. They can be important to enhance your overall look and create a harmonious image.

4. Think about friends/collective groups: If possible, discuss with the photographer or write in the application form how many and in what friend groups you will share group pictures. This will help orient more quickly during the photoshoot and create various collages.

5. Relax and enjoy the process: Finally, remember that the photoshoot is a fun and emotional process! Relax and enjoy each moment so that you can naturally and freely express yourself in front of the camera.

Preparation is important so that you can feel confident and ready to share your personality and sense of style at the graduation photoshoot. Enjoy the experience and preserve your special moments forever!

Our Clients’ Reviews After the Graduation Photoshoot

Read what clients say about our Graduation and Last Bell photoshoots! Your reviews are our joy and inspiration to continue creating unforgettable memories.

I had a great time with my classmates. Thank you for the memories!


I never thought a photoshoot could be so interesting and fun! The photographer created a free and fun atmosphere! Thank you!


The photoshoot in the studio was surprisingly comfortable and productive. Now we also have a wonderful photo album.


We really liked the atmosphere during the photoshoot, and the result exceeded all our expectations. We recommend to everyone!


Thanks for the professionalism, precision, and ability to see and reveal emotions. Now we have not only memories but also wonderful photos!


Huge thanks for the cool photos that were captured during the photoshoot.


Request for the “Graduation Photoshoot” Right Now!

If you are ready to create memories for the class to share, contact us! Fill out the application form below, and we will respond to discuss all your desires and ideas for the photoshoot.

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    Questions and Answers About the Graduation Photoshoot

    Do you have questions about the Graduation Photoshoot? Here you’ll find frequently asked questions and answers that will help you prepare for an unforgettable experience with our photographer.

    What is appropriate attire for a graduation photoshoot?
    For a collective photoshoot, it’s recommended to dress in a unified style: classical, solemnly elegant, or modern, emphasizing your collective’s individuality.
    Is it easier to ‘play with light’ in a photo studio? How significant is this for a Graduation Photoshoot?
    Light plays a crucial role in photography. In the studio, we have the ability to control lighting, which allows us to create perfect conditions for the photoshoot and highlight not only facial features but also create different atmospheres.
    How long does the photoshoot process take?
    The duration of the photoshoot depends on the announced number of people and their preparedness. If more time is needed to realize the planned ideas, the photoshoot time can be extended by agreeing in advance or discussing on-site for an additional fee. If makeup artist services are required, then the announced people need to arrive an hour earlier than the appointed photoshoot time. In total, the photoshoot could take no more than 3 hours.
    What is the photoshoot process like?
    Typically, photographers provide information about how the photoshoot will proceed, help with which poses to take and how to behave in front of the camera. But primarily, it will be the collective taking of the whole group, then in separate groups and portrait photos.
    I’m not sure how our outfits should look for the photoshoot. Can you provide recommendations?
    Certainly, our experienced photographers can offer clothing options that fit the overall story atmosphere.
    Should we bring any props or accessories?
    Props are available in our studio that can be used for the photoshoot upon request. You can also bring and use your own to give your photoshoot a special and individual look.
    How soon after the shooting will I receive the photos?
    Typically, photo processing takes 1 to 2 weeks. We always strive to provide our clients with the best result in the shortest possible time.
    Why is it important to choose a professional photographer?
    Our professional photographers ensure high-quality images, create a comfortable and creative environment, and ensure a good experience for all involved.
    Do you have packages for Graduation photoshoots with album arrangement afterwards?
    We do not have such packages, but after the photoshoot, it is possible to order separately the making of a photo book that you took during the Graduation photoshoot or any other of your choice. This is a great way to preserve your memories for a long time and arrange in a unified style with the help of the photoshoot.
    I’m inexperienced in this area and feel a bit nervous in front of the camera. How do you usually help clients relax?
    Our photographers have extensive experience and knowledge on how to create a comfortable atmosphere. You don’t need to worry; we will help you feel secure and natural in front of the camera.