Photo processing, photo montage and photo restoration

Photo processing

We will help to conceal all small defects so a perfect picture is made.

Photo processing examples

Photo restoration

You have several or might be many years old picture or historic pictures in your collection are becoming more and more over the years and it is for sure that you do not want to lose anyone of them. Poor quality, dirty, crumpled pictures with faded colours and some missing elements – all of those defects can be corrected and regained with the help of photo restoration.

Photo restoration examples

Photo montage

Sometimes there is desire to become a hero from some picture, movie, game or story. It is possible! All depends on your imagination and creativity.

Photo montage examples

Value for photo editing / mounting / restoration:

  • Photo editing – photo retouching from 3 EUR / photo
  • Photo editing – photo montage 15-30 EUR / photo *
  • Photo restoration starting from 10- 100 EUR / photo ** Prices depend on the original picture quality, size, complexity and quantity.

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