Discover your sensual side with an exquisite Erotic Photo Shoot

Unveil the art of your allure with our Erotic Photo Shoot service. Tailored to celebrate your unique beauty, our expert photographers craft visually stunning images that encapsulate your sensuality. Perfect for personal keepsakes or professional portfolios, these tasteful portraits are your gateway to capturing passion in its most artistic form.

Why is our “Erotic Photo Shoot” a cut above the rest?

Step into the limelight and embrace your inner beauty with our Erotic Photo Shoot service. It’s not just about capturing your physical form; it’s about highlighting the confidence and passion that lies within. Our skilled photographers are experts at creating a comfortable environment where your true self can shine through, resulting in images that are not just sexy, but full of life and emotion. Whether for personal empowerment or professional use, these photographs will be a testament to your daring spirit and artistic elegance.

The most intimate parts of your body are not revealed but at the same time unbelievably sentient and sexy photos are created. Erotic photo shoot will one more time show you how beautiful you are.

Humans are one of the most beautiful and emotional creatures on the Earth, so make your most secret fantasies to come true, and allow our photograph take most sensual and artistic photos of yours. You can keep these photos for private use only or use them for your web sites, calendars, magazines or underwear catalogues. Photo session can be organized either in our studio or in any other place of your choice. Location doesn’t matter – the photographer will be well equipped anyway.

Erotic photo session as art

Erotic photography is a style of art photography of a sexually suggestive or sexually provocative nature. Despite the fact that, the subjects of erotic photography are usually completely or mostly unclothed, that is not a necessity.

Our photographers will make sure that the photos will be tasteful and will show the exact right amount of flesh. Photos will be an excellent present for your significant other or just a proof of your passionate personality.
You can also use the pictures for work, and create lingerie catalogues, or use the photos for magazines, calendars or your web pages.

Why Choose Our “Erotic Photo Shoot” Experience?


Capture your sensuality with a creative touch that elevates your photos to works of art.


From studio elegance to your chosen locale, we craft the perfect atmosphere for your shoot.


Respect for your privacy is paramount, ensuring your photos remain your treasured keepsake.

“Erotic Photo Shoot”: Prices and Offers

Erotic photo shoot prices

  • Photosession with decorations + makeup and hair styling 210 EUR – 60 min.
  • Erotic photo shoot with decorations 150 EUR – 60 min.
  • Erotic photo shoot with decorations 90 EUR – 30 min.
  • Outside photo shoot first hour 150 EUR, each next 90 EUR
  • Classic photo shoot (without decorations up to 5 people) 90 EUR – 60 min.
  • Mini photo shoot (without decorations up to 5 people) 60 EUR – 30 min.

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Photo Session Gift Cards

Gift unforgettable moments with a photoshoot gift card! More than just a present, it’s a gateway to a world of vivid emotions and everlasting memories. Make your choice now and give your loved ones the opportunity to capture their happiest moments in professional photographs.

How to prepare for your “Erotic Photo Shoot”?

Stepping into the world of erotic photography can be transformative, offering a celebration of your confidence and sensuality. A touch of preparation goes a long way in crafting images that not only captivate but resonate with personal allure. Here’s your guide to getting camera-ready for an empowering experience that’s tailored to showcase the mesmerizing story your skin tells.

Getting ready for erotic photo shoot

Preparing for a photo session is a matter of excitement, especially if the photo session is for erotic photos. In order to avoid unnecessary worries, we will give you a few suggestions on how best to prepare for the erotic photo session.

Tips on how to prepare for erotic photo shoot

  • Prepare clothes and underwear that make you feel sexy and comfortable.
  • Take your high-heeled shoes, give you extra elegance, sexuality and confidence for every woman.
  • Prepare for a variety of accessories that match your personality (a necklace, earrings, long socks, corset – especially if you want to make waist more beautiful and more accessories that brighten up the idea of a photo session).
  • For a photo session, please come with clean hair, nails, prepare your outside look to make your photos beautiful.
  • Before the photo shoot we recommend to relax un rest well, so that photos would look full of happiness and energy, without any sign of fatigue.
  • Day before the photo shoot we recommend to not sunbathe and use any cosmetology services.
  • It is not recommended to use self tanning creams before the photo session, which makes the skin color uneven.
  • Think about your poses, choose and try your favorite. During a photo session, our photographer will also help you find the most suitable and the most appropriate shooting posture for you.
  • If a photo session takes place in the studio, shoe shifts must be taken with you. In winter and bad weather, changing shoes are a must!
  • In the photo shoot most important thing is good mood and smile – don’t forget about it!

* By prior arrangement we also offer make-up, stylist and hairdresser services.

At your choice, the photographer of a erotic photo session can be both a woman and a man. Our photographers are professionals who will help you to get rid of, feel comfortable and help you achieve the desired result of a photographic photo session.

Client Reviews of Our “Erotic Photo Shoot”

Don’t just take our word for it; hear from clients who’ve experienced the transformative power of our erotic photo shoots. Their testimonials speak to the confidence and allure captured in every frame.

I decided to go for an erotic photoshoot for the first time and I didn’t regret it. The photographer paid attention to every detail and helped me to relax. The photos turned out stylish and elegant. An excellent gift for my husband!


Excellent photo studio in the center of Riga! Professional equipment and a team of specialists did their job perfectly. Highly recommended!


Erotic photography is an art, and understands that! The photos are very atmospheric. I thank the team for such an experience.


This was a new experience for me, and I am so glad I came here. The photographer helped me to relax and I got some incredible shots.


I was ecstatic about my photoshoot! The photographer considered all my wishes and offered a plethora of interesting ideas. I will definitely come back here again!


The studio offers a wide range of services, but I specifically chose the erotic photoshoot. The result exceeded all my expectations!


Thank you for a wonderful day and an astonishing result! Each photograph is a work of art. I recommend this to everyone!


The photoshoot was top-notch! Excellent quality, professionalism, and a comfortable interaction with the photographer. I recommend to all my friends!


This studio is the ideal place for those who want to see themselves in a new light. After the photoshoot, I felt more confident and feminine. Thank you!


Amazing atmosphere, professional equipment, and a magnificent photographer! I am absolutely happy with the result and recommend this studio to everyone.


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    Questions and Answers about “Erotic Photo Shoot”

    Curiosity is the first step to embarking on an unforgettable experience. Find the answers to all your questions and learn how our erotic photo shoots can celebrate your unique beauty and spirit.

    What is the main difference between an erotic photo shoot and a nude photo shoot in your studio?
    An erotic photo shoot focuses on creating a sensual mood using elements of clothing, while a nude photo shoot involves the model being completely undressed. In both cases, we strive to ensure that the photographs are tasteful and aesthetic.
    Can I choose a photographer by gender for an erotic photo session?
    Yes, you have the option to select either a male or female photographer for your photo session.
    Can I bring my own accessories or props for the photo shoot?
    Absolutely! If you have any accessories or props that you would like to use, simply discuss it with the photographer beforehand.
    Is it possible to have an erotic photo shoot outside of the studio, like on location?
    Yes, we organize photo sessions both in our studio in Riga and on location at a place of your choice.
    What if I have never participated in such photo sessions and feel nervous?
    Our professional photographers have experience working with various clients and will help you relax and feel confident during the shoot.
    How long does an erotic photo session last and how many photographs will I receive?
    The duration and number of photographs depend on the package you select. For detailed information, you can contact us at +371 27022203 or email us at
    Will my photographs be used in your portfolio or other promotional materials?
    Client confidentiality is important to us. We will use your photographs only with your explicit permission.
    How should I prepare for an erotic photo session?
    We recommend thinking about your choice of clothing, accessories, and discussing your ideas and wishes with the photographer before the session.
    Do you have a makeup artist or stylist who can help me with makeup and hairstyling before the session?
    Yes, we have a team of professionals who can help create the perfect look for your photo session.
    I want to surprise my significant other. Can I order a gift certificate for an erotic photo session?
    Yes, we offer the option to arrange a gift certificate. It will be an excellent and unique gift!