So seldom we are able to gather all family members, friends, ex-study mates or colleagues in wider company, therefore we need to memorialize those events when all people have happy smiles and eyes.

Celebrations are what make our everyday life colourful, and allows us to relax and meet people who are special to us. When organizing a party, it is the host’s responsibility to keep the guests entertained. Therefore, it is useful to hire a photographer that would also be one of the attractions. Photographers will attend your event and capture uniqueness of the day. You will be able to save the pictures as a memory about your special day and your wonderful guests.

What is event photography?

Event photography is a specialized kind of photojournalism. There might be different types of events that need to be photographed, for example, corporate events, conferences, private events, artists’ performances, dinners, and sports events.

Photographing events are not as simple as it sounds. While shooting outdoors usually allows the photographer to use natural daylight, many corporate events and conferences are being held in rather dark environments. The photographer’s aim is to be able to catch the actual mood and the light effects.

What will you receive?

There are several types of pictures people usually expect from an event photographer, for example, portraits of the speakers, people entering and leaving, food and drinks, basically everything that reflects the mood of the event.

Whether it is a family reunion or an office party, our photographers will capture every moment of it.

Prices for event photo shoot

Outdoor photo shoot – 150 EUR first hour, each next hour 90 EUR. Minimal time for outdoor photo shoot is 1 hour. More about prices>>> 

Receiving photos

During the week after the photo session, you will receive all the photos with basic processing, in electronic form. 1 hour photo session, about 100 photos. The number of photos with additional processing (rare) depends on the duration and price of the photo session.


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