Capture the joy: Event & Celebration Photography

Elevate your next event with professional photography that preserves every laugh, toast, and dance. Our expert photographers blend into the background, ensuring that every special moment is captured without interruption. You’ll not only enjoy the event more, but you’ll have stunning photos to cherish for years to come.

What sets our “Event and Celebration Photography” apart?

Imagine reliving your event’s most cherished moments through vivid, expressive photographs. That’s the magic we bring to the table with our Event and Celebration Photography service. Our skilled photographers are not just masters of their craft; they are storytellers who understand the art of capturing the essence of your event. From candid laughter to the subtle glances, we ensure that the spirit of your celebration is immortalized in every shot.

So seldom we are able to gather all family members, friends, ex-study mates or colleagues in wider company, therefore we need to memorialize those events when all people have happy smiles and eyes.

Celebrations are what make our everyday life colourful, and allows us to relax and meet people who are special to us. When organizing a party, it is the host’s responsibility to keep the guests entertained. Therefore, it is useful to hire a photographer that would also be one of the attractions. Photographers will attend your event and capture uniqueness of the day. You will be able to save the pictures as a memory about your special day and your wonderful guests.

What is event photography?

Event photography is a specialized kind of photojournalism. There might be different types of events that need to be photographed, for example, corporate events, conferences, private events, artists’ performances, dinners, and sports events.

Photographing events are not as simple as it sounds. While shooting outdoors usually allows the photographer to use natural daylight, many corporate events and conferences are being held in rather dark environments. The photographer’s aim is to be able to catch the actual mood and the light effects.

What will you receive?

There are several types of pictures people usually expect from an event photographer, for example, portraits of the speakers, people entering and leaving, food and drinks, basically everything that reflects the mood of the event.

Whether it is a family reunion or an office party, our photographers will capture every moment of it.

Why Choose Our “Event and Celebration Photography”?


Skilled photographers capture your moments with precision, ensuring no memory goes unnoticed.


Cutting-edge camera gear and lighting to perfectly encapsulate the ambiance of your event.


Tailored packages that align with your event’s scale, style, and specific photography needs.

“Event and Celebration Photography”: Prices and Offers

Prices for event photo shoot

Outdoor photo shoot – 150 EUR first hour, each next hour 90 EUR. Minimal time for outdoor photo shoot is 1 hour. More about prices>>> 

Receiving photos

During the week after the photo session, you will receive all the photos with basic processing, in electronic form. 1 hour photo session, about 100 photos. The number of photos with additional processing (rare) depends on the duration and price of the photo session.

Photo Session Gift Cards

Gift unforgettable moments with a photoshoot gift card! More than just a present, it’s a gateway to a world of vivid emotions and everlasting memories. Make your choice now and give your loved ones the opportunity to capture their happiest moments in professional photographs.

How to prepare for “Event and Celebration Photography”?

Eager to capture the essence of your upcoming event? To ensure that every picture tells a story, a pinch of preparation can make all the difference. With ‘Event and Celebration Photography’, it’s not just about the snapshots; it’s about preserving the emotions and energy of your special occasion for years to come. Let’s make your event unforgettable by getting camera-ready!

As you gear up for ‘Event and Celebration Photography’, a few key preparations can set the stage for a flawless photo experience. Taking the time to coordinate with your photographer before the big day will result in a gallery of images that you’ll be proud to showcase. Follow these steps to get picture-perfect ready:

Pre-Event Checklist:

  • Discuss the Schedule: Share the event timeline with your photographer to ensure they capture the key moments.
  • Scout the Venue: If possible, walk through the location with your photographer to identify the best spots for photos.
  • Lighting Lowdown: Communicate with your photographer about the lighting situation, especially for indoor or evening events.
  • Shot List Specifics: Prepare a list of must-have shots or particular groups of people you want photographed.
  • Dress to Impress: Inform your guests about any dress codes or themes, as this will affect the look and feel of your images.
  • Special Requests: Let your photographer know if there are any special traditions or moments that they should be on the lookout for.

Remember, the more information you provide your photographer with, the better they can tailor their approach to suit the unique vibe and flow of your event. With these preparations in place, you’re all set to let the good times roll and the cameras click!

Client Reviews of Our “Event and Celebration Photography”

Discover why our clients rave about our event and celebration photography services. Read their testimonials and see how we’ve helped turn their special occasions into a collection of lasting memories.

For my daughter’s birthday, I decided to organize a professional photo session. We were amazed by the quality of the photographs and the photographer’s work! Every guest was considered, and each moment was captured. Thank you for the wonderful memories!


Fantastic work! We organized a corporate event and decided to invite professionals from The result exceeded all expectations. The employees were thrilled with the photographs.


I ordered a photo shoot for my mother’s anniversary from you. Your photographers are true professionals in their field! They created atmospheric and lively pictures. Highly recommended!


Very satisfied with your work. The photo session was easy and unforced, and the photographs are simply magical. I will definitely use your services again!


A huge thank you for the quality snapshots! Every moment was captured, and all the guests were in awe of the photographs. Your photographers are professionals!


Excellent work! Our guests were pleasantly surprised by how quickly and professionally your photographer worked. The photos are just gorgeous!


We were pleasantly surprised by the professionalism of the photographer and the quality of the studio equipment. We are satisfied with the result. I recommend to all my friends.


Extremely grateful to your team for the impressive work! Every moment was considered, and every guest was captured in the frame. The photographs surpassed all expectations!


We ordered a photo shoot for our corporate event from you. The photographs turned out so cool that we decided to order a video shoot as well! A massive thank you!


Your studio is home to real professionals. The photographs from my birthday have become the best gift! Now I have something to remember this wonderful day by.


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    Questions and Answers about “Event and Celebration Photography”

    Got questions? We’ve got answers! Check out our FAQ section for insights on how we work to make your event’s photography as perfect as the day itself.

    What are the advantages of having my event photographed at your studio in Riga?
    Our photo studio in the heart of Riga is equipped with modern gear, professional lighting, and a variety of backdrops. Thanks to our experienced photographers who specialize in event photography, we guarantee that all the key moments of your event will be captured in the best light.
    How long does it take to process the photos after an event?
    The processing time for photographs can vary from a few days to two weeks, depending on the volume of work. We strive to deliver the best results in the shortest possible time.
    What is included in the cost of event photography services?
    The cost of our service includes the photographer’s work, photo editing, and the provision of all images in high resolution. Additional services, such as photo printing or album creation, are discussed separately.
    Can we use our own props for the event photography session in the studio?
    Absolutely! You are welcome to bring any props that will help make your photo session unique. In addition, we offer a wide selection of accessories and props available at the studio.
    Do you guarantee that every guest will be captured in the photos?
    Yes, our photographers aim to include all guests and capture the most vivid and emotional moments of each participant at the event.
    Is it possible to have the event photographed outside Riga or in a location other than the studio?
    Yes, our photographers are ready for on-location shoots anywhere in the country. Details and costs for on-location shoots are discussed individually.
    What equipment do you use for event photography?
    We use only professional equipment and cameras that allow us to achieve high-quality images. Moreover, we have a diverse range of studio lighting to create the ideal conditions for the shoot.
    Do you have any recommendations for preparing for an event photography session in the studio?
    Yes, we recommend discussing all details and wishes with the photographer ahead of time to ensure the event goes smoothly. Prepare any props you’d like to use and have a clear plan for the shoot.
    How can I reserve a date for an event photography session?
    To reserve a date, please fill out the form on our website or contact us at +371 27022203 or via email at
    How far in advance should I book a date for an event photography session?
    To guarantee the availability of our photographers, we recommend booking at least one month in advance of the anticipated event. However, we always try to accommodate our clients’ wishes and may be able to work with shorter notice if possible.