1. The minimal time for renting a studio is 1 hour, including both preparations and photoshooting itself.
  2. If renting the studio for more than 2 hours, reservation will be set only after 50% prepayment.
  3. When booking the studio, specify what needs to be prepared (video lights, clothing racks, background color change, etc.)
  4. If you are more than 7 persons, payment is required for every additional person – 2 EUR per hour.
  5. Renting time starts when it is scheduled in the reservation, not when you enter the studio or start the photoshooting.
  6. Renting time finishes when you quit the studio, and the place is free for next clients.
  7. If the photoshooting finishes before the estimated time renting has to be paid completely as reserved, if not discussed in advance with studio administration about another option.
  8. In case of your being late, renting time will not automatically get prolongated to the time you’ve been late.
  9. You can prolongate the studio renting time in case you need, and the studio schedule is free. After the photoshooting you will have to cover the factual time spent in the studio.
  10. Meanwhile working in the studio you accept the full financial responsibility for studio requisite, decorations, equipment, backgrounds and other property presented in the place you rent.
  11. Colored backgrounds may be used free of charge up to the floor. Rolling on the ground and walking on them – must be paid.
  12. The presence of an animal in the studio has to be additionally paid (10EUR) and coordinated with studio administration in advance.
  13. Backgrounds, flash softboxes and accessories must be changed by studio stuff only.
  14. Studio administration and clients are interested in keeping the place nice and clean. That’s why we ask everybody to change your shoes, to use home shoes or shoe covers in the studio.
  15. By renting a photostudio or coming for a photoshoot, you agree with those Rules completely.

Photostudio renting price

Photostudio renting price is depending on the price per hour. It can vary with time and day of a week.

Price is 20 EUR to 30 EUR per hour, for more details please look: Studio 1 and Studio 2 with cyclorama.

You can purchase studio rent subscription for lower price.


Apply for renting a studio by e-mail: or phone (we give preference to SMS): +371 270-22-203

Following information is required:

  • Studio 1 or Studio 2 with cyclorama
  • Date, time (from…to)
  • Name
  • Phone number
  • E-mail
  • Additional information: we ask you to mention if there will be more than 7 persons during the photoshoot, or additional equipment will be necessary.