Photography Services – Visiting photoshoots or in the studio

Professional photo shoot is every girl’s dream. However, a good portfolio can be useful to many. It’s always good if you have beautiful and qualitative pictures. Also it is a great way to have a good time, to capture important moment of life, to have fun with friends, with your loved one, and as a result get quality and beautiful pictures.

Photoshoots in studio

Our photo studio is located in the center of Riga. 2 reception studios are available that can be used for photo and video shootings, varied master-classes, workshops, parties and other events. The price of the rent differ for both halls because of the interjer. Both studios offer opportunities to work with a natural and artificial lights. The total area of the studio is 190 m2, consisting of: cozy studio space with changeable background paper system and is equipped with a corner cyclorama, which has a large panoramic windows and walls of different style (more in the Studio 1 and Studio 2 with cyclorama descriptions). Studios are designed in different styles and have many original decorations which are regulary supplemented, for example, bed, sofa, vintage mirrors, mobile studio, ect.

Studio 1

Studio 2

Visiting photoshoots

Not always and necessarily you have to confine yourself in the studio environment. Express yourself through nature and colourful interiors by using all equipment needed for professional photo shoot.

Maybe you already have an interesting photo idea in mind, but you don’t have anyone to take a photo of professional quality of you. Our photographers not only work in studio, but will also attend any location of your choice for the photo shoot.

Photoshoot organization services

We offer a full range of services for organizing photoshoots and everything related to them.

Photo and video services – full production cycle

We may  fully or partly plan and organize your photo or video shootings as well as plan budget, and organize castings – for your conviniece. Instead of you, we may also do photographers, make-up artists and models selection. Organization and post-production management.

Properties for photo and video shootings

Additional details: additional furniture, bed, sofa, toys, mirror, clothes, suits, hats, gloves, costumes jewelery, and other accessories. If there is a necessity, please, do not hesitate to ask privatly. 
For your convenience also available an ironing board and iron, clothes hangers (7 pcs.).

Additional services of the studio

  • Make-up artist’s services
  • Photographers’ services
  • Photo correction, retouching and photo montage

Types of Photoshoots

Choose the studio photo session that suits you and give yourself or your loved ones quality photos and unforgettable feelings.

Individual photo shoot

Prices How to prepare Gallery Request Keep yourself a memory of you in the best angles, in studio or in nature. Express your fantasies in photos! An individual photo sessions is perfect as a gift for your friends and family or just for yourself – to put professional photos in your albums or social network profiles. [...]

Love Story

Prices How to prepare Gallery Request Capture your most wonderful moments with your significant other and create your first photo album together. It is also a great Valentine day or anniversary gift for your other half. You can pick any setting: beach, urban settings, your home, parks, meadows, cafes or anything else that holds significance to your relationship. You […]

Wedding photo shoot studio

Prices Gallery Request Wedding photography in the studio A wedding photo shoot in a photo studio is a great opportunity not only for memories, but also to capture the happy moments of this beautiful and important event in photographs. You have the opportunity to get an excellent result regardless of the weather or other factors, […]

Wedding Photographer

Prices How to prepare Gallery Request The wedding is a unique and beautiful moment that has to remain in one’s memory for the rest of their life! Wedding pictures will not only be a valuable addition to your family album, but also make a wonderful and unforgettable gift for your guests. The history of wedding photography The wedding photography has […]

Pregnant woman photo shoot

Prices How to prepare Gallery Request Without doubt pregnancy is one of the most brightest and unforgettable periods of life especially for a mother-to-be. This moment can not only be memorized in your head but also on paper. Imagine how nice it would be in the future to show a picture to your children where […]

Family photo shoot

Prices How to prepare Gallery Request Family is not just about the way how you feel together and perceive each other but also the way how others see you. Family photos will help you to create a positive spirit about your public image as well as make you closer. For sure you will be glad to look […]

Newborn photographer

Prices How to prepare Gallery Request Newborn Photographer The appearance of a baby in this world is one of the most important and expected events in the life of an adult. A newborn photo session is a valuable contribution to your family photo archive, which at any time can bring back wonderful memories in the […]

1st birthday photo shoot

Prices How to prepare Gallery Request When a child comes to the first birthday, everyone has a question – what to give? Undoubtedly, the first birthday photo session is a great gift for the first birthday, both for parents and for the baby, because such a day is only once in their lifetime, and photos […]

Child photo shoot

Prices How to prepare Gallery Request Child photos not always come out as wanted – kids are moving and not sitting still waiting for mom or dad taking a picture. Therefore this task can be entrusted to professionals – professional and experienced photographers will be able to fix the right moment. Add nice child pictures to your family […]

September 1st photo shoot

Prices How to prepare Gallery Request September 1st stays in memories for a lifetime, especially if it is the first day of school, that’s why septemeber 1st photo shoot is a great way to get quality pictures that will remind you of school days. School photos will always give us positive emotions. Gift on September 1st he September […]

Christmas photo shoot

Prices How to prepare Gallery Request Christmas is the time of miracles that all people are preparing for – there are lights in every window, festive decorations appear in shop windows, gingerbread and similar Christmas delicacies are in store, snowflakes are dancing in the air, joy and bright hopes in the heart. The Christmas photo […]

Photo shoot of the party

Prices How to prepare Gallery Request Photo shoot of the party is a great event that gives an opportunity to save qualitative photos of your cheerful, positive and unforgettable emotions. Laughter, unusual ideas, tomfoolery, insane adventures, having a good time or just a nice meeting – your moments and emotions should be immortalized. Save these instants […]

Erotic photo shoot

Prices How to prepare Gallery Request The most intimate parts of your body are not revealed but at the same time unbelievably sentient and sexy photos are created. Erotic photo shoot will one more time show you how beautiful you are. Humans are one of the most beautiful and emotional creatures on the Earth, so make your […]

Nude photo shoot

Prices How to prepare Gallery Request From the beginning of time mankind has glorified the beauty of a body. The Renaissance is a bright example of that. There is nothing more beautiful and wonderful than human body. Let your own body colour the world around you! What is nude photography? Nude photography is any photography which […]

Advertising Photographer

Prices How to prepare Gallery Request To promote your business, all goods and services need a perfect visualisation. One of the basic principles of success is to provide you advertising materials of the highest level! Commercial photographing – Statistics Advertising photographs are meant to sell not only a service or a product, but also lifestyles, concepts […]

Visiting photo-session

Prices How to prepare Gallery Request Not always and necessarily you have to confine yourself in the studio environment. Express yourself through nature and colourful interiors by using all equipment needed for professional photo shoot. Maybe you already have an interesting photo idea in mind, but you don’t have anyone to take a photo of professional […]

Shoot in studio

Prices Gallery Request Create your own unique character and maintain it for long time. Your look is your business card. Photos will be objects that you will be proud of and they will help to create your profile on social networks and qualitative professional Curriculum Vitae (CV). There is a huge variety of photos you can take in […]

Photo for documents – Quickly and qualitatively

Prices How to prepare Gallery Request offers high-quality, precise after rules for all types of documents, Latvian passport, Russian visa, American visa (Green card), etc. other countries visas. We also take a photo of an infant for document photo. Production time on paper or digital 5-10 min. LR passport photo Important! Photographs for the […]

Photographing clothes for a catalogue

Prices How to prepare Gallery Request In today’s world, there are many different clothing manufacturers, so it is very important to take high-quality clothing photos for your product catalogue so that it differs from others and attracts the attention of the audience. It is imperative to stand out from the competition and convince potential customers […]

Lingerie photoshoot for catalogue and advertising

Prices How to prepare Gallery Request A lingerie photoshoot for a catalogue and advertising is very important for your brand. With the help of photos of linen, you present yourself and your products. Photos make you stand out and attract the interest of your audience. It is imperative that you stand out from the competition […]

Animal photoshoot

Prices How to prepare Gallery Request Animal photo-shoot is one of the cutest and truest photo-shoots. Animals don’t know anything about photo-shoots or cameras, that’s why photos turn out really real and create a feeling of liveliness. Just like people, animals have their characters and emotions and it all can be shown thanks to this […]

Interior photography

Prices Gallery Request Interior photography is a type of architecture photography. The purpose of the photographers in this type of photography is to capture the photos and images of the designs and styles used inside a house, room, building and others. This photos shows the character and life of the person who owns it. Some interior designers, […]

Bachelor party

Prices How to prepare Gallery Request A bachelor party is a party held for a man shortly before his wedding marriage, to celebrate his “last night of freedom” or merely to spend time with his friends. A bachelor party is usually planned by the best man or other friends of the groom. Bachelor parties have come to symbolize the last […]

Photoshoot for hen parties

Prices How to prepare Gallery Request Bachelorette party is a positive, funny and emotionally rich event that must be memorable not only in memories, but also in photos. Bachelorette party photo shoot offers the ability to keep memories in a tangible way. Lovely event among the friends or crazy party until the morning?! It does not […]


Prices How to prepare Gallery Request For those who are related to acting or modelling careers it is important to choose stage image professionally so that all your characteristics are expressed and you are shown in different moods, emotions and characters. Acting Acting and modeling are those types of professions, where visual image plays a […]

Photo report

Prices Gallery Request Everyday life includes many interesting and important events so they have to be remembered and perpetuated. What is a photo report? Photo report is a sequence of photographs of an event combined with a minimum of text in such a way that the words and pictures supplement each other. Capture your special […]

Portrait photographer

Prices Gallery Request The portrait photographer will show you on the best side and perpetuate you as you would never have imagined. The photograph in the right performance will capture your essence. A series of portraits will show your various faces, ranging from the professionally serious to the unseriously ridiculous. How much you want to show – depends […]

Photographing celebrations and events

Prices Gallery Request So seldom we are able to gather all family members, friends, ex-study mates or colleagues in wider company, therefore we need to memorialize those events when all people have happy smiles and eyes. Celebrations are what make our everyday life colourful, and allows us to relax and meet people who are special […]

Architecture and landscape photography

Prices Gallery Request There are so many places on the world we would like to eternalize for some purpose. Diversify typically dull architecture pictures or landscape panoramas by shooting them more creatively or taking macro pictures. Historical building of Riga Dome Cathedral, Latvia. Landscape and architectural photography Landscape photography is the type of photography that […]

Food photographers

Prices Gallery Request To make people buy some food it has to look delicious therefore in photographing foodstuff important things are lighting, shades and reflections. In the composition the needed product will be in dominant place, the most suitable angles will be found so all drawbacks are hidden and all virtues are highlighted. Food photography is a specialization […]

Object photography

Prices Gallery Request Very important is when you can accent main external characteristics, constructions and the meaningful elements of the object. Exactly object photography will help you accentuate, pay attention to the object and professional photographer will take care so that the object looks worthily. Object photography requires special knowledge from the photographer – he must be able […]

Stylist’s services

Gallery Request Professional and experiences stylist will help you to choose outfit and accessories for a photo session. Prices for stylist services depend on work scope and specifics. Creation of style and visual image General detailing of style elements from hairstyle and make-up to outfit and accessories – it will help to highlight your best […]

Video cameraman – video filming and montage

Gallery Request Our studio offers organizational services for filming, filming, montage and creation of video-clips. Video filming and montage in high-quality. Recording on Blu-ray discs and DVDs with a photo on cover. Filming for advertising For successful business it is important to have great visualization for all goods. Ensure that your company has advertising materials […]

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