Visiting photo-session

Visiting photo-session. Our photographers not only work in studio, but will also attend any location of your choice for the photo shoot

Newborn photographer

Babies/Kids photo shoot

Wedding photo shoot studio

Wedding photoshoot in photostudio

Lingerie photoshoot for catalogue and advertising

Lingerie photoshoot. Uderwear photoshoot - Lingerie catalog

Photographing clothes for a catalogue

Knitwear clothes photoshoot - Latvia knitwear clothes

Child photo shoot

Child photo shoot. Child photos not always come out as wanted – kids are moving and not sitting still waiting for mom or dad taking a pic...

Pregnant woman photo shoot

Pregnant woman photo shoot. Without doubt pregnancy is one of the most brightest and unforgettable periods of life especially for a mothe...

Food photographers

Food photographers. To make people buy some food it has to look delicious therefore in photographing foodstuff important things are light...

Object photography

Object photography - Object photographer

Advertising Photographer

Advertising - commercial Photographer. To promote your business, all goods and services need a perfect visualisation. Advertising shooting