When a child comes to the first birthday, everyone has a question – what to give? Undoubtedly, the first birthday photo session is a great gift for the first birthday, both for parents and for the baby, because such a day is only once in their lifetime, and photos will capture this event and keep it in your memories.

First birthday photo session

Our photo studio organizes a special photo session during which photos will be taken in the mood of the first birthday with or without special decorations.The first year in human life is the time when your child wants to know, perceive, understand, photographer will help you capture these moments.

The 1st birthday photo shoot is possible both in the studio and on the go, and it does not depend on the weather, as the children look nice both in the dandelion meadow and in the sledge.During the 1st birthday photo shoot, it is possible to take pictures of the child as well as the whole family, so you will not only get individual photos of the child, but also those with all the family members.

The studio rooms are bright, cozy, warm and with a creative atmosphere, so the child will feel great. There are a variety of scenery and backgrounds in the photo studio that make this first birthday photo shoot even brighter and more special. Of course, the photo studio also has professional equipment and lighting to help you create great quality photos.

Present for 1st birthday

This kind of photo will be a great gift for the first birthday jubilee – it will be appreciated by both the parents and grandparents who want to see their grandchildren more often. We also have a gift card, which is a great and compact gift on your first birthday – you can present it in person or send it electronically.

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First birthday photo shoot prices

  • Without decorations 60 EUR – 30 min.
  • Without decorations 90 EUR – 60 min.
  • With decorations 90 EUR – 30 min.
  • With decorations 150 EUR – 60 min.
  • Outside photo shoot first hour 150 EUR, each next 90 EUR

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Receiving photos

During the week after the photo session, you will receive all the photos with basic processing, in electronic form. 1 hour photo session, about 100 photos. The number of photos with additional processing (rare) depends on the duration and price of the photo session.

Getting ready for 1st birthday photo shoot

Preparing for the first birthday photo session is an important process that needs to be approached with responsibility and diligence. We will make some suggestions to make this process easier.

  • Talk to a photographer about the ideas you would definitely want to implement.
  • Take several outfits safely with you to revive your shots.
  • We recommend avoiding bright and mottled clothing.
  • We also ask you to take the shoe with you. In winter and rainy weather, changing shoes are a must!
  • Positive to the process.
  • It is preferable for the child to be asleep and eat before the photo session so that he/she feels as good as possible during the photo session.
  • If your other half does not want to take part in a photo session, do not pressure them. Ask for help in the process as well as take photos of at least a couple of common photos. Often, during the photo session, skeptical fathers are released and actively participate in a photo session.
  • Take with you the things that the baby is very fond of, as well as food, drink and diapers to make a break if necessary.


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