Everyday life includes many interesting and important events so they have to be remembered and perpetuated.

What is a photo report?

Photo report is a sequence of photographs of an event combined with a minimum of text in such a way that the words and pictures supplement each other.

Capture your special events

There are lots of important events in your life that need to be captured. Our photographers will attend any event of your choice, taking with them professional equipment, to provide you with high quality pictures. They will make sure that photo report shows huge variety of photos that portrays both: individual people and the mood of the event itself.

Photo report will be particularly useful for your web pages, news sites and presentations or simply sharing them on social networks.

Photo report doesn’t simply mean capturing moments. Photographers have to plan out how to take pictures to reflect the actual atmosphere of the day.  It is essential to choose the right lighting, the right composition, and the right angles from which shoot the best photos.

It doesn’t matter how big or important the event is – our photographers will make sure that you will receive clear high quality images.

Prices for report photo shoot

  • The price of a photo shoot for the whole day (8 hours) is 570 EUR
  • Outdoor photo shoot – 150 EUR first hour
  • Each next hour 50 EUR.

Minimal time for outdoor photo shoot is 1 hour.
+ transport cost price per kilometer 0.40 EUR

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