Freeze Time with a Love Story Photo Shoot

Immortalize the chemistry and connection between you and your partner with our Love Story Photo Shoot service. Perfect for couples seeking to encapsulate their romance in stunning images, this service is not just about pictures, it’s about creating timeless treasures that celebrate your love. Ideal for anniversaries, engagements, or just because—let us help you tell your love story.

Why is our “Love Story Photo Shoot” a Snapshot of Pure Romance?

In the dance of love, every moment is a precious step. Our Love Story Photo Shoot service is designed to capture those steps in their most authentic and beautiful form. With a keen eye for the candid sparks that define your unique bond, our photographers craft a visual narrative that reflects the depth and joy of your relationship. Whether it’s the place where you first met, the park where you shared your first kiss, or simply cozying up at home, we turn meaningful locales into the backdrop of your love story.

Capture your most wonderful moments with your significant other and create your first photo album together. It is also a great Valentine day or anniversary gift for your other half. You can pick any setting: beach, urban settings, your home, parks, meadows, cafes or anything else that holds significance to your relationship.

You can also create a set of engagement pictures – the last ones of you as an unmarried couple. They can also be incorporated into wedding and reception elements.

New trends in engagement photos include the addition of pets in the photo shoots and having destination portrait sessions. Urban backgrounds and more non-traditional poses are also popular.

Apply for a couples’ photo session and our photographs will provide you with high quality pictures that will show how special your relationship is.

Why Choose Our “Love Story Photo Shoot”?


Expert photographers who capture the essence of your bond with creativity and care.


Choose locations that resonate with your journey, from cozy cafes to panoramic parks.


Receive beautifully edited photos swiftly, perfect for sharing and cherishing.

“Love Story Photo Shoot”: Prices and Offers

Love story photo shoot prices

  • Love story photo shoot with decorations 150 EUR – 60 min.
  • Love story photo shoot with decorations 90 EUR – 30 min.
  • Outside photo shoot first hour 150 EUR, each next 90 EUR
  • Classic photo shoot (without decorations up to 5 people) 90 EUR – 60 min.
  • Mini photo shoot (without decorations up to 5 people) 60 EUR – 30 min.

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Receiving photos

During the week after the photo session, you will receive all the photos with basic processing, in electronic form. 1 hour photo session, about 100 photos. The number of photos with additional processing (rare) depends on the duration and price of the photo session.

Photo Session Gift Cards

Love story photo shoot gift card is a great gift for you beloved partner. It’s a great way to capture your love, emotions and attraction to each other.

How to prepare for your “Love Story Photo Shoot”?

Stepping in front of the camera for your Love Story Photo Shoot can be as thrilling as it is meaningful. To ensure that every snapshot reflects the essence of your bond, a touch of preparation goes a long way. Let’s set the stage for a photo session that’s as seamless as your love — here are some pointers to help you both shine.

Getting ready for Love Story photo shoot

Love Story photo session is an important and emotional event that captures one of the most beautiful and lasting links between two people – love. Although love is one of the most important ingredients in creating beautiful pictures, the most important thing is the participants of the photo session. To make things happen as planned and even better, we will make some suggestions on how to better prepare for the couple’s photo session.

Tips on how to prepare for couples photo shoot

  • We advise you to think about matching clothes to create a common image and to show a beautiful and unifying link that is both for you.
  • We recommend avoiding too bright and mottled clothing.
  • Prepare for things that are related to you and your relationship (first joint photo, beloved man’s gift, bracelets, or other items).
  • Discuss with a loved one and choose the desired idea and place for the photo session.
  • For photos to look harmonious and sincere, it is important that participation in the photo session is not imposed. Believe in us, acidic and frustrated facial expressions do not reproduce photos.
  • If you have special wishes related to the style of the photo session, idea, shooting angle or other things, please feel free to talk with our photographer in good time.
  • For a photo session, please come with clean hair and nails, as the portfolio is your mirror image and should contain only the best and highest quality photos.
  • If a photo session is taking place in the studio, shoe shifts must be carried. In winter and bad weather, changing shoes are a must!
  • It is important that you both have a good mood on the day of the photo session. Forget about problems, sadness and bad mood. Enjoy a photo session and the presence of a loved one!

Client Reviews of Our “Love Story Photo Shoots”

Don’t just take our word for it; hear it from the couples themselves. Our ‘Love Story Photo Shoot’ reviews are a testament to the joy and memories we’ve captured. Read through the glowing endorsements and get inspired for your own session.

We reached out to craft our love story and were blown away by the team’s professionalism! The photographs capture all our feelings, emotions, and moments we’d want to cherish for a lifetime. Excellent work!

Anna Petrova

I never imagined a photo session could be so fun and engaging! The photographer created real magic, capturing every moment of our love story. We now have memories we can proudly relish!

Oleg Ivanov

Thank you for an unforgettable time! The studio shoot was surprisingly comfortable and productive. The photographs exceeded all our expectations. We now have a beautiful photo album to revisit over and over again.

Darya Morozova

Our love story’s photographs are simply magnificent! We loved the atmosphere during the shoot, and the results surpassed all our expectations. Highly recommend to everyone!

Dmitry Korolev

Capturing our love story was one of the most important and unforgettable events in our life. We’re grateful for the professionalism, sensitivity, and ability to convey emotions. Now we have not just memories but breathtaking photographs!

Olga Kuznetsova

A huge thank you for the indelible moments captured during the photo session. We’ve never encountered such a delicate and professional approach. Highly recommended!

Sergey Pavlov

The studio session was a real revelation for us. Professional equipment, a creative approach, and, of course, stunning photographs! Our friends and family are in awe!

Ekaterina Sokolova

Thank you for the opportunity to create a unique story in photographs. The whole team approached the process with soul and professionalism. We are very satisfied!

Nikolay Egorov

Our photo session became a real adventure. The photographer captured every look, smile, and touch. Such a memory will stay with us forever!

Maria Vasileva

Incredibly beautiful photographs that convey the depth of our feelings. It was comfortable and easy to work, and the result simply amazed us. A huge thank you for your professionalism!

Alexey Petrov

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    FAQs About “Love Story Photo Shoots”

    Got questions about our ‘Love Story Photo Shoots’? You’re not alone. Dive into our FAQ section where we’ve compiled common inquiries and answers to help guide you through the process of capturing your love in timeless photography.

    Can I create my own unique scenario for the ‘Love Story’ photo session, or do I need to stick to a standard set of scenes?
    Absolutely, we are always open to new and original ideas from our clients. You can propose your own scenario or we can tailor our standard option to ensure the photo session reflects your personal love story.
    I’ve heard that studio photography allows for better ‘play’ with lighting. How important is this for a Love Story photo session?
    Lighting plays a crucial role in photography. In our studio, we have the capability to control lighting, which allows us to create the perfect conditions for your shoot and to highlight the atmosphere of your love story.
    I would like to organize an outdoor photo session. Can you recommend places in Riga or its surroundings suitable for this type of shoot?
    Yes, we have a list of locations that we consider ideal for capturing love stories. We would be happy to share this list with you and assist in selecting the perfect backdrop for your session.
    How long does such a photo session usually last?
    The duration depends on the chosen scenario and location, but on average, a ‘Love Story’ photo session lasts between 2 to 4 hours.
    I’m unsure about our attire for the photo session. Can you provide any recommendations?
    Of course, our experienced photographers can suggest clothing options that will complement the overall theme of your story and the chosen location.
    What props are available at your studio for a ‘Love Story’ photo session?
    Our studio offers a wide selection of props, from romantic accessories to decorative elements. You can use them to add a special touch to your photo session.
    How soon after the session will I receive the photos?
    Typically, photo processing takes between 5 to 10 working days. We always strive to deliver the best results to our clients in the shortest time possible.
    I want to organize a surprise for my partner. Can you help with the planning?
    Yes, we love surprises! We’d be delighted to help you plan something special. Just contact us at +371 27022203 or, and we’ll discuss all the details.
    Do you offer package deals for ‘Love Story’ photo sessions that include an album?
    Yes, we do offer package deals that include the photo session and a beautifully crafted album. It’s a wonderful way to preserve your memories for years to come.
    I’m new to this and feeling a bit nervous. How do you usually help your clients relax in front of the camera?
    Our photographers have extensive experience and know how to create a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. There’s no need to worry; we’ll help you feel confident and natural in front of the camera.