FAQ (Frequently asked questions)

Where you are located?

We are located in Rīga, Lāčplēša street 70 – 2.

How much does photo shoot costs?

The cost of a photo session depends on the location, duration, number of participants and the complexity of the photo session.

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How can I apply for photo shoot?

You can apply for a photo session by calling 27022203 or writing to info@fotostudijas.lv.

When applying, you must specify:

  • Date and desired time of photo session.
  • Name.
  • Phone Number.
  • Number of participants in a photo session.
  • The subject of the photo session.
  • Will you require a make-up and hairdresser service or not.

Is it possible to see how the photo studio looks like before applying for a photo shoot?

Photo studio rooms can be viewed in the descriptions of Studio 1 and Studio 2 or on the spot, subject to prior appointment, as the studio may be busy.

How long before the photo shoot do we have to sign up?

As soon as you know the date and time you are available to come.

How will I receive photos and how much?

During the week after the photo session, you will receive all the photos with basic processing, in electronic form. We will send you a link where you can download the entire photo archive.

*In December and January photos will be sent in two weeks, if photos are needed faster, then please make agreement separately with us.

Photo shoot time Photos in total With extra retouch
Without decorations With decorations
30 minutes 50 3 6
1 hour 100 5 10
2 hours 200 10 20

Is it possible to rent photo studio and how much will it cost?

There are two halls in the photo studio that can also be rented out.

On working days the rental price of Studio 1 is 20 EUR / hour.

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On working days the rental price of Studio 2 is 20 EUR / hour.

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What are the working hours of a photo studio?

On weekdays from 9:00 to 18:00
Pre-booked 24/7

We don’t need a long photo shoot, just need some photos?

Minimum photo session time is up to 30 min. If only a few photos are needed, the cost is from 60 EUR.

How many people can participate in one photo shoot?

The standard rate includes a photo session for up to 5 people. For an additional fee, a larger number of people can participate in the photo session – up to 30 people in the studio. There is no limit to the number of people in the offsite photo session.

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Can we take pictures with animals?

The presence of the animals in the studio is paid separately – EUR 10 and is subject to prior arrangement with the administration.

Is it possible to record video?

Yes, it is possible to record video shooting and also video montage.

What is the term for using a gift card?

The gift card is valid for six months from the date of purchase.

What additional services do you offer?

We offer photo processing, photo editing, photo restoration and video services.

  • By prior arrangement we also offer make-up, stylist and hairdresser services.
  • Casting organization.
  • Photo/video production and organization.

Is it worth using the services of a stylist and stylist?

These services are not mandatory, but with professional make-up and hairstyle you will be able to look more expressive than in everyday life, but using the stylist’s services you will look unusual and different in each image.

What should we take to the photo shoot?

Be sure to bring several outfits, matching shoes and accessories with you. You can find more information about preparing for the photo session in the section on preparing for photo session >>>

What if we know for sure what kind of photo session and what photos we want to receive?

You can express your wishes and ideas with a photographer or send us examples of photos to our e-mail info@fotostudijas.lv.

Will the photos be published on the website and other social networks?

Only the best photos are published in our portfolio. If you are absolutely against publishing your photos, please let us know in advance. Photographers are much happier if the best works can be displayed in their portfolio.

Do you have available different attributes for photo shoots (clothes, accessories etc.)?

Yes, there are various decorations and accessories available in the photo studio, but of course, take your accessories and clothes that are appropriate to your personality and style.

Does the photo studio has a room where we can dress up or should we come already dressed?

In photo studio hall 1, there is a screen that separates room and the hall 2 has a separate room where you will be able to dress up and prepare for your photo session smoothly.

Where can we keep track of your social media activities?

You can find us:

Facebook >>>
OK.ru >>>