Elevate Your Brand with Our Professional Clothing Photo Shoots

Showcase your fashion line with stunning visuals that capture the essence of your brand. Our professional clothing photo shoots are tailored to make your apparel stand out, engaging your audience and boosting sales. Let our lens tell your style’s story.

What makes our “Clothing Photo Shoot” special?

In the bustling fashion marketplace, nothing speaks louder than visually compelling images. Our Clothing Photo Shoot service is your golden ticket to creating that unforgettable first impression. With a keen eye for detail and the latest photography tech at our fingertips, we craft images that not only showcase your garments but also echo the quality and style of your brand. High-resolution, sleek, and persuasive – these photos are your silent salespeople, working round the clock to turn viewers into customers.

In today’s world, there are many different clothing manufacturers, so it is very important to take high-quality clothing photos for your product catalogue so that it differs from others and attracts the attention of the audience.
It is imperative to stand out from the competition and convince potential customers to buy the necessary, high-quality and professional clothing photos that highlight the characteristics of your production. We offer to take photos of clothes for the catalogue in our photo studio, where there is all the necessary equipment, and we also offer to go to an exit photo session.

Photographing clothes on a model for advertising

Our clothing photographer will make sure that your clothing photos on the model for advertising are depicted only from the best side, through the appropriate light, with the right angle and composition. The photographer will advise the most successful poses so that the end result is successful. You can use photos in your company: on your clothing website, in catalogues, post on the Internet and social networks, create advertising booklets, banners and other promotional materials.

Remember that high-quality photography of clothes on a model for a catalogue is the key to success for any company!

Why Choose Our “Clothing Photo Shoot” Service?


Our photo studio is outfitted with cutting-edge equipment to showcase your clothing line in its best light.


We provide expert guidance on poses and styling to ensure your clothing looks appealing and on-trend.


Choose between a studio setting or an on-location shoot to perfectly match the aesthetic of your brand.

“Clothing Photo Shoot”: Prices and Offers

Clothing photography cost

The cost of a clothing photo session can vary from 75-300 euros per hour and depends on:

  • Type of photoshoot (with/without scenery, interior)
  • Total amount of work (number of photos)
  • Location of the photo shoot (outdoor or studio photo session)
  • Duration of the photo shoot (number of hours)
  • Necessary equipment for a photo session
  • Required details
  • Number of processed photos
  • and other factors

*More about prices: https://fotostudijas.lv/fotosesija-fotosesijas-cenas/

Taking photos of clothes

Within a week after the photo shoot of clothes for the catalogue, you will receive all photos with basic processing, in electronic form. 1 hour photo session, about 100 photos. The number of photos for additional processing (retouching) depends on the duration of the photo session and the price.

Photo Session Gift Cards

Gift unforgettable moments with a photoshoot gift card! More than just a present, it’s a gateway to a world of vivid emotions and everlasting memories. Make your choice now and give your loved ones the opportunity to capture their happiest moments in professional photographs.

How to prepare for your “Clothing Photo Shoot”?

Stepping into a clothing photo shoot is like setting the stage for your brand’s visual symphony. It’s the magic hour where your fashion pieces transform into the showstoppers of someone’s wardrobe. To ensure your apparel hits the spotlight just right, there’s a little homework to do. We’ll guide you through the nuts and bolts of preparation, so when the lights go on, your collection shines with star quality.

Preparing for a clothing photo shoot

To prepare for a clothing photo session, we advise you to think about the following questions in advance:

  • Where will the clothing photo shoot take place? A photo session of clothes can be held in a photo studio or on the road, in a place of your choice.
  • Do you want a clothing photo session on a live model or on a mannequin? When taking a photo with a mannequin, you can then process the photo so that it remains invisible, only your clothes will be visible in the photo.
  • What backgrounds, decorations and design elements do you want? If the photo session takes place in our photo studio, then different colour backgrounds and scenery are available on site. If the photo session will take place on the road, then before the photo session we recommend that you contact us so that, if necessary, we can prepare all the necessary equipment.
  • Selection of models for a photo session of clothes. A photo session of clothes can be done without models. You can also tell us about your preferences and trust us to select models for you.
  • How many different photos of each product do you need in the end result?

Feel free to send your ideas and samples to make it easier for us to understand your desires!

Organization of a photo session of clothes

You need to pay a lot of attention to the photo shoot of clothes and other important details, the more attention, the better the result. For your convenience, we can fully organize a photo session of clothes. We offer:

  • Ideas for photo shoots according to your wishes
  • Casting models (according to your preferences)
  • Selection of a place for providing a photo shoot of clothes
  • Services of a stylist, hairdresser and make-up specialist
  • Photo sessions, video filming, processing, editing.

Client Reviews of Our “Clothing Photo Shoot”

Our clients speak volumes about our ‘Clothing Photo Shoot’ service. Read their rave reviews and see how we’ve helped transform their fashion lines into visual feasts that captivate and inspire customers.

Beautiful work! Our clothing catalogue turned out stylish and stands out among competitors. Huge thanks to the Fotostudijas.lv team for their professional approach and quality. Highly recommend!


Ordered a photoshoot for a new collection. All photographs exceeded our expectations, and our website now looks top-notch. Thank you!


We’ve been working with this studio for more than a year. As always, their professionalism and understanding of our needs is outstanding. A big thank you!


I’m a fashion designer, and it was very important to me that every detail was visible. The photographers from Fotostudijas.lv did an excellent job at a high level. Very satisfied.


This was my first time using this studio upon a recommendation. The work was done on time, and I am happy with the result. I especially liked working with the model.


They did an outdoor photo session for our clothing. Professional equipment, skilled photographer, and high-quality pictures. Recommend!


We always knew that quality photographs are essential for online sales. The studio did an excellent job! Now, our orders have increased significantly.


It’s very pleasant to work with professionals in their field. Our clothing looks more expensive and attractive in the photographs. Thank you!


Ordered a photoshoot for our catalogue. Despite the large volume of work, everything was done quickly and with quality. Special thanks to the photographer for patience and professionalism.


We needed not just photographs, but art. And the result – stunning images that we proudly place in our catalogue. Thank you!


Request Your “Clothing Photo Shoot” Now!

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    Questions and Answers about “Clothing Photo Shoot”

    Got queries about our ‘Clothing Photo Shoot’ services? Look no further! Our FAQ section is packed with insights to guide you through the process and ensure you’re well-informed every step of the way.

    What are the advantages of photographing clothes on models for a catalogue with you?
    By choosing our studio for your clothing photoshoot, you’ll receive professional shots with correct lighting, angles, and composition. Our experienced photographer will assist in selecting successful poses to showcase your clothing in the best light.
    Do you have equipment for off-site photoshoots?
    Yes, we are fully equipped for mobile photoshoots to maintain the high quality of our images outside of the studio.
    What is the turnaround time for photo processing after the shoot?
    The processing time depends on the workload, but we aim to deliver the photos within 3-5 business days after the shoot.
    What background solutions can you offer for clothing catalogue shoots?
    We have a variety of backgrounds and props to highlight the features of your product. We can use monochrome backgrounds, textured surfaces, or create a custom solution according to your preferences.
    Is it possible to have a consultation before the shoot to discuss details?
    Absolutely! We recommend a preliminary consultation to discuss all the details and your expectations for the photoshoot. This helps us to prepare better and ensures the ideal outcome for you.
    What are the requirements for models if I want to bring my own?
    If you bring your own model, the most important thing is that they feel comfortable in front of the camera and match the style of your clothing. Beyond that, we are ready to work with any model, helping them to present themselves in the most flattering way.
    Can I also book a photoshoot for accessories along with clothes?
    Yes, we offer a full range of services, and photographing accessories along with clothes is within our expertise.
    How can I find out about available dates for a photoshoot?
    To inquire about available dates, you can contact us at +371 27022203 or write to info@fotostudijas.lv.
    In what format will I receive the finished photos?
    You will receive high-resolution photos suitable for both print and online use. We can also provide other formats if needed.
    What if I want additional editing or retouching of some photos after the session?
    We are ready to perform additional retouching or editing according to your request. Discuss your needs with us, and we will find the optimal solution for your requirements.