Capture the excitement with our Party Photo Shoot

Looking for a way to eternalize the electric atmosphere of your celebrations? Our Party Photo Shoot service is your ticket to reliving those joyous moments. With a professional photographer at the helm, we promise to deliver stunning, high-quality images that encapsulate the spirit of your event. Whether indoors or out, let us freeze those fleeting memories into snapshots you’ll treasure for a lifetime.

Why is our “Party Photo Shoot” a hit?

Imagine the laughter, the wild poses, the candid smiles – all captured in vivid detail. That’s exactly what our Party Photo Shoot service offers. It’s not just about taking pictures; it’s about storytelling through the lens, chronicling every delightful detail of your special occasion. With the option to shoot in our versatile studio or against the backdrop of the great outdoors, we ensure your photos reflect the essence of your party’s vibe. Plus, with the studio ready to host your continued celebrations, the fun never has to stop.

Photo shoot of the party is a great event that gives an opportunity to save qualitative photos of your cheerful, positive and unforgettable emotions. Laughter, unusual ideas, tomfoolery, insane adventures, having a good time or just a nice meeting – your moments and emotions should be immortalized. Save these instants in your memory forever.

No matter what kind of photo shoot you choose, our professional photograph will catch the right moment and create beautiful and delightful photos. We offer photo shoot of the party in the studio or outdoors. Celebrate your event with us and take the opportunity to capture it in the form of photos that will delight your eyes throught time.

After photo shoot of the party you can continue to celebrate in the studio, because we offer a photo studio’s rent for the different parties or celebrations, too. Bring your favorite meal and enjoy the feeling of the party, good company and unhurried atmosphere with your friends.

Why Choose Our “Party Photo Shoot”?


Our seasoned photographers snap the essence of your festivity with impeccable timing and creativity.


Choose between the charm of our studio or the excitement of an outdoor setting for your photo shoot.


Cherish high-resolution images that capture your party spirit, delivering vibrancy in every print.

“Party Photo Shoot”: Prices and Offers

Prices for party photo session

  • With decorations 150 EUR – 60 min
  • With decorations 90 EUR – 30 min
  • Outdoors photo shoot from 150 EUR first hour, next hour – 90 EUR.
  • Classic photo shoot (without decorations, until five people) 90 EUR – 60 min
  • Mini – photo shoot (without decorations, until five people) 60 EUR – 30 min.

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Photos’ delivery

You will receive all selected photos within a week after the photo session as digital files. All photos will be basicly processed (retouched). For 1 hour of photo session ~ 100 photos. The quantity of photos with additional processing (background, skin correction etc.) depends on the duration of the photo session and its price.

Photo Session Gift Cards

If any of your friends is willing to save memories about a special day, you can surprise them by presenting our gift card. It is great chance to capture funny party, positive and real emotions, yours loved ones and the time you spend together.

How to Prepare for Your “Party Photo Shoot”?

Getting ready for your ‘Party Photo Shoot’? It’s all about capturing those candid moments that bring out the joy and excitement of your celebration. A touch of preparation can make a world of difference in creating vibrant, energetic, and polished photographs. To ensure your snapshots truly sparkle, we’ve compiled some essential tips to get you prepped and primed. Let’s make those memories last with pictures that are as lively and fun as your party!

Preparation for a photo shoot of the party

If you want your photos to be full of positive emotions and energy, we will give you several advices how to prepare for a photo shoot of the party.

Advices how to prepare for a photo shoot of the party:

  • Try to relax and enjoy the process, our professional photograph knows which moment to capture.
  • Photo shoot demands groomed hair, nice looking nails and dress. Let us save the moments when you look most profitable.
  • Take a good rest before photo shoot to make yours photos cheerful and full of energy.
  • To create creative photos, think about the same style of clothing for all participants of the photo session.
  • Bring some attributes to make the photo shoot brighter (balloons, same T-shirts, cake, champagne and others).
  • If the photo session takes place in the studio, please take the indoor shoes. In winter and bad weather, indoor shoes are obligatory!
  • The most important in the photo shoot is smile and good mood, so don’t forget about it.
  • The main thing – enjoy your party, we will take care of the rest.

Client Reviews of Our “Party Photo Shoot”

Hear it straight from the revelers! Our Client Reviews section is bursting with stories of unforgettable parties and the stunning photos that keep those moments alive. Peek at what others have to say about their ‘Party Photo Shoot’ experiences with us.

Incredible! The evening photoshoot went just excellently. The photographer managed to capture all the emotions and atmosphere of the celebration. Stunning photographs! Thank you to the team.


Thank you for a gorgeous photoshoot! All my friends were in awe of the photographs. Professionalism and excellent quality!


Had an unforgettable day at your studio! The evening photoshoot exceeded all our expectations. Highly recommend!


Very satisfied with the photographer’s work. In addition to professional shooting, a friendly atmosphere was created during the evening. Thank you!


We booked an evening photoshoot with a call-out service. Everything was organized and conducted at the highest level. Simply astonishing photographs!


We searched for a long time for where to have a photoshoot for our party. We settled on and have no regrets! Beautiful shots and pleasant memories.


The photographs turned out to be magnificent! I can’t express enough how well everything was done. Special thanks to the photographer for his professionalism.


I want to express my gratitude to the entire team. Your services and quality of work are top-notch. We will remain your loyal customers!


The evening photoshoot was one of the brightest moments of our celebration. Thank you for the professionalism, patience, and breathtaking shots!


I recommend to everyone! Professional photographers, a creative approach, and fast processing. Our parties are now only with you!


Request Your “Party Photo Shoot” Now!

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    Questions and Answers about “Party Photo Shoot”

    Got questions? We’ve got answers! Check out our FAQ section for all you need to know about our ‘Party Photo Shoot’ services. We’ve compiled the common queries to help you plan your perfect photo session without a hitch.

    Do you have experience with shooting large parties or events?
    Yes, our professional photographers have extensive experience in capturing a variety of events, including large parties, corporate functions, and celebrations.
    Can you organize a photo session for a party beyond the confines of your studio?
    Certainly! We offer party photo sessions both at our studio and on location, depending on your preferences.
    How soon after the party will I receive the finished photographs?
    Processing and preparation of photographs usually take from several days to a week, depending on the volume of work. However, we always strive to deliver your photographs as quickly as possible.
    Is your studio suitable for events with a large number of guests?
    Our studio is perfectly suited for events of various scales. However, for large events, we recommend discussing all the details in advance.
    Do you provide accessories or props for party photo sessions?
    Yes, we have a wide selection of accessories and props for photo sessions. You can choose what suits your event best or bring your own.
    Can I bring my own photographer but use your studio and equipment?
    Of course, we offer studio rental for various types of events. You can bring your own photographer and use all the necessary equipment.
    Do you have special offers or discounts for long-term collaborations?
    We are always open to discussing individual terms of collaboration and are ready to offer favorable conditions for our regular clients.
    Can I book a date for a party photo session in advance?
    Yes, we recommend booking a date in advance to guarantee the availability of the studio and photographer. For reservations, please contact us at +371 27022203 or via email at
    Can we continue the celebration at your studio after the photo session?
    Yes, after the photo session, you can continue your celebration with us in the studio. Just make sure to arrange the details beforehand.
    What styles of photography do you offer for evening events?
    Our photographers are skilled in various styles of photography and are always ready to adapt to your wishes, whether it be candid shots, stylized scenes, or traditional portraits.