The wedding is a unique and beautiful moment that has to remain in one’s memory for the rest of their life! Wedding pictures will not only be a valuable addition to your family album, but also make a wonderful and unforgettable gift for your guests.

The history of wedding photography

The wedding photography has gone a long way to become what it is now. In the early days of photo, up till the later half of 19th century, most couples did not hire a photographer to record the actual wedding itself, but chose to pose in their best clothes before or after the wedding. At the end of 19th century couples started to pose in their wedding clothes and began inviting photographers to their weddings. However, because the equipment was large and bulky, in the 19th century wedding was mainly a studio practice. After some time technology improved, but many couples still chose to pose only for a single wedding portrait.

Wedding photography as we know it today

The concept of capturing the event itself came approximately after the World War II. This forced photographers to develop the technology and to create more portable equipment. The wedding photography started to develop to ‘documentary’ style that we know today.

Types of wedding photography

There are two general approaches to wedding photography, which photographers use today: the traditional and photojournalistic photography. Traditional photography provides classically posed images. Photojournalistic style provides ‘documentary’pictures where the photographer almost does not interact with the couple and guests. Photojournalistic style puts emphasis on capturing an authentic emotions of the couple and guests and tries to maintain the realistic and unique atmosphere of the day.

Nevertheless, nowadays most photographers mix both of these styles. The term ‘contemporary wedding photography’ is used to describe wedding photography that is not of a traditional nature. The emphasis of the contemporary photography is to capture the story and atmosphere from the day, so the viewer has an appreciation of what the wedding was like, rather than a series of pre-determined poses. This term can be mistaken for meaning of any photography that is not posed or formal, but contemporary wedding photography is more than taking informal photographs and involves the use of composition, lighting, and timing to capture images that have a strong visual appeal.

As a wedding is a one-time event, the photographer must be prepared for the unexpected. Shooting a wedding is both exhausting and invigorating as the photographer is constantly looking for good angles and opportunities for candid shots. Communication and planning time-lines before the event will alleviate many of the stresses associated with photographing a wedding. The ability to tactfully take charge also helps, particularly when photographing large groups or families, which is a common practice after the ceremony.

Wedding photo shoot price

The prices for a wedding photo session depend on where it happens, in the studio or on the go, for how many hours, possible transport costs and time spent. The cost of a photo session in the studio is also affected by the number of people. For example, a mini wedding photo session in the studio for 30 minutes and up to 5 people costs 60 EUR, with decorations 90 EUR

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Minimum Time 1st. – 150 EUR, every next hour costs 90 EUR / h *
All day (12 hours) 900 EUR, each additional hour 75 EUR

* Outside Riga + transport costs 0.40 EUR/km
* Prices are always negotiable

How to get ready for wedding photo shoot

The glorious suggestion of preparing for a wedding photo session is to be as free as possible. The more relaxed and fun the atmosphere, the more interesting. You do not have to worry about postures, how to stand, where to put your hand, etc., there should be no models, as it is the work of a couple of a photographer and a spouse. Of course, if you have your ideas, you can realize them.

You only have to think about your image, starting with the dress, ending with the shoes. In the studio you have decorations, but you can also bring accessories, decorations, etc.

It is not possible to confuse the wedding atmosphere with anything else and the moment will be captured by a professional wedding photographer.


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