There are so many places on the world we would like to eternalize for some purpose. Diversify typically dull architecture pictures or landscape panoramas by shooting them more creatively or taking macro pictures.

Historical building of Riga Dome Cathedral, Latvia.

Landscape and architectural photography

Landscape photography is the type of photography that shows spaces within the world. It focuses on both nature and man-made objects. Architectural photography is the photographing of buildings and similar man-made structures that are both aesthetically pleasing and accurate representations of their subjects.

Interior and exterior

Architectural photography can be divided into exterior and interior photography. Exterior architectural photography has such advantages as availability of daylight, or if taken at night, interesting street lights, building lights, moonlight or even twilight in the sky. Architectural photographs usually use the landscape surrounding a building to communicate the aesthetic harmony of a building and the environment surrounding it. Therefore, an architectural photographer will often include flowers, trees, fountains or statues in the composition.

Interior architectural photography is a bit more complicated. Despite the fact, that natural lighting transmitted through windows and skylights and lighting fixtures can be used, architectural photographers will often use supplemental lighting to take the best pictures.

Newly constructed buildings and design

Architecture is the art of building, where the aim is to build interesting and tasteful buildings, which at the same time would be suitable for living. Globalization and urbanization has caused growth of building industry. Our photographers offer you to take quality photos of your newly constructed buildings – private houses, apartment houses, office buildings, etc. – for advertising purposes, so that you could use the photos to attract potential clients. We are interested in showing your chosen objects from their best side and show how they differ from buildings of your competitors.

Landscape and leisure

However, life goes on not only in cities but also outside them – in the country side. Our photographers can create impressive landscape compositions, which can be used in interior thus completely transforming it. Landscape photos are also a very useful visual element on leaflets and tourism booklets or when creating prints on souvenirs.

Prices for architecture shoot

  • Outdoor photo shoot – 150 EUR first hour
  • each next hour 90 EUR.

Minimal time for outdoor photo shoot is 1 hour.

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