Capture the glow of motherhood with a maternity photo shoot

Embrace the beauty of your pregnancy journey with our bespoke Pregnant Woman Photo Shoot service. We offer a personalized experience to celebrate and immortalize this unique time in your life. With us, you can create heartwarming memories that you and your family will cherish for a lifetime. Let’s capture the essence of your motherhood in stunning photographs.

What makes our “Pregnant Woman Photo Shoot” stand out?

Our Pregnant Woman Photo Shoot is more than just a service—it’s a celebration of life and the incredible journey of motherhood. Each session is tailored to embody the personal style and comfort of the expectant mother, ensuring a truly individualized experience. Whether you envision a serene, intimate portrait or a fun, family-inclusive session, we’re here to capture the love, anticipation, and beauty of your pregnancy in images that will speak volumes for years to come.

Without doubt pregnancy is one of the most brightest and unforgettable periods of life especially for a mother-to-be. This moment can not only be memorized in your head but also on paper. Imagine how nice it would be in the future to show a picture to your children where they are still in their mom’s belly.

The history of maternity portrait is relatively brief. For a very long time being pregnant was considerate something that has to be kept in secret, therefore women tried to hide this fact and couldn’t even imagine taking photos of themselves with their children in their bellies.

Nowadays, it’s not a taboo anymore and every woman can take pictures of herself during her pregnancy and observe how her body is changing and how her baby is growing inside her.

Maternity photos don’t have to be nude. Each woman can choose the image she feels the most comfortable in.

The ideal maternity portrait is the one that captures what each individual woman wants it to be. There is no “ideal pose,” “ideal clothing,” or even “ideal lighting.” It is lovely to see how a mum who was feeling big and unattractive before, looks at her pictures and realizes the beauty of her pregnant form. Moreover, fathers can also participate in the photo shoot, so it can become a fun bonding experience.

Why Choose Our “Pregnant Woman Photo Shoot”?


Customize your photo shoot to reflect your unique journey and style with our bespoke session plans.


Cherish your pregnancy glow with stunning photos that capture the love and anticipation of your growing family.


Relax and be at ease in our warm, inviting studio environment, ensuring you look and feel your best.

“Pregnant Woman Photo Shoot”: Prices and Offers

Maternity photo shoot prices

  • Maternity photo shoot with decorations ( 1 hour ) + make-up and hair 210 EUR,
  • Maternity photo shoot with decorations 150 EUR per hour,
  • Maternity photo shoot with decorations 90 EUR per 30 min,
  • Outdoor photo shoot for the first hour 150 EUR, each next hour 90 EUR,
  • Classic photo shoot 90 EUR per hour ( up to 5 people),
  • Mini photo shoot 30 min. – 60 EUR ( up to 5 people).

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Receiving photos

During the week, after the photo shoot, you will receive all photos electronically with basic photo editing. 1-hour photo shoot includes about 100 photos. The number of photos with photo retouching will depend on the duration and price of photo shoot.

Photo Session Gift Cards

Maternity photo shoot gift card– it’s a great gift for expectant mom’s.  It’s an opportunity to capture one of the most wonderful and memorable life periods.

How to prepare for your “Pregnant Woman Photo Shoot”?

Embarking on a ‘Pregnant Woman Photo Shoot’ is an exciting journey that captures the essence of motherhood’s magic. It’s a time to shine, to celebrate the life growing within, and to document your unique story. With a touch of preparation, your session can be transformed into a seamless, enjoyable experience. Let’s ensure every snapshot radiates the love and anticipation of your family’s newest addition.

Preparing for a maternity photo shoot

Maternity photo shoot is a special event that captures one of the most wonderful life stages of every woman’s life. To avoid a little worry that occurs in preparation for photo shoot, we will give you a few tips on how to better prepare for maternity photo session.

Recommendations for preparing for a maternity photo shoot

  • Prepare several clothing ensembles for creating different images.
  • Prepare things that are related to waiting period and babies (ultrasound photography’s, baby shoes, little socks, teddy bear or other toys, book about pregnancy etc.)
  • To create more creative photos, we recommend to think about different attributes that intensify the idea of a photo shoot ( for example ribbon for belly or paint something on belly etc.)
  • If the photo shoot is taking place in the studio, please take the exchange footwear. In winter and in bad weather exchange footwear are mandatory!
  • If the whole family participates in the photo shoot, preferably must be in common style of clothes.
  • The most important thing is a good mood and smile, it will make photos even better.

By prior agreement, we offer make-up, hairdresser and stylist services that will help to create wonderful image for photo shoot.

Client Reviews of Our “Pregnant Woman Photo Shoot”

Don’t just take our word for it, hear it straight from the source. Our clients share their heartfelt experiences and the joy they’ve found in our ‘Pregnant Woman Photo Shoots’. Their stories will inspire you to capture your own beautiful journey.

A maternity photo session is a magical time, and I’m so glad I turned to The photographers have a wonderful understanding of how to set the right lighting and atmosphere, and my photos turned out simply enchanting. Thank you for the everlasting memories!


My husband and I decided to have a maternity photoshoot outdoors. The photographer from helped us choose a beautiful location and advised the best time for the shoot. The result was astounding!


I booked a photo session with pets and was very satisfied. I was particularly pleased with the opportunity to rent accessories directly at the studio. The photographs turned out touching and sincere.


You want to share your pregnancy photos with the whole world! Thank you,, for the wonderful atmosphere during the shoot and the beautiful results. A special thanks for the efficiency and professionalism.


I recommend all future moms to go to They will make you feel like a true queen and preserve this unique moment for many years to come in their photographs.


The photo session went smoothly and comfortably, although I was afraid that I would feel awkward posing. The photographer expertly guided the process, creating a relaxed atmosphere. I will definitely return!


Now, my pregnancy memories are not only in my heart but also in stunning photographs. The quality of the shoot, the professionalism of the photographer, and the coziness of the studio were all top-notch.


An incredible place to create memories! I was impressed with the team’s organization and attention to detail. The photographs turned out vivid and lively. I recommend it to everyone!


I was deeply touched when I saw the photographs of my pregnancy. The photographer managed to capture my feelings and mood. This was truly a valuable experience, thank you!


I want to express my gratitude for the wonderfully spent time and the remarkable photographs. You are true professionals at what you do! Highly recommended to all future moms.


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    Questions and Answers about “Pregnant Woman Photo Shoot”

    Curious about what to expect during your ‘Pregnant Woman Photo Shoot’? Browse through our FAQs for insights on how to prepare, what to wear, and what makes our photo shoots unique. We’re here to answer all your questions and ensure a seamless experience.

    I am 7 months pregnant. Is this a good time for a maternity photo shoot, or should I wait?
    The 7th month is a wonderful time for a maternity photo shoot as your belly is nicely visible, and you’re still full of energy. However, we are always ready to work with you at a time that’s convenient for you!
    Can I bring the future dad and our older children to the photo session?
    Absolutely! We support the idea of family photo sessions, and it will reflect the depth of your feelings and the connection between all family members.
    Where in Riga do you usually conduct outdoor maternity photo shoots?
    We have several popular and picturesque locations in Riga for outdoor shoots. Once you book a session, we can discuss and choose the ideal location for you.
    What style of clothing is optimal for a studio maternity photo session?
    We recommend choosing soft and light-colored clothing to highlight the delicacy of this period. We are always ready to discuss and propose styles that personally suit you.
    Can I bring my own props for the photo session?
    Yes, we happily incorporate your props into the photo session. This will add a personal touch to your images.
    Do you have experience working with pregnant women who are self-conscious about their bodies?
    Of course, our experienced photographer will help you relax and feel confident, creating a natural and comfortable atmosphere.
    What if I want to have a photo session in an unusual place, like the seaside?
    We are always open to new ideas and ready for on-location shoots anywhere you choose.
    How long does a photo session usually last and when will I receive the finished photos?
    The average photo session lasts 1-2 hours. You will receive the finished photos within 2-3 weeks.
    Can I book a professional makeup artist before the photo session?
    Yes, we can arrange makeup artist services. Please confirm this when booking your session.
    How can I book a date for a photo session?
    You can book a date by filling out the form on our website or by contacting us at +371 27022203 or via email at