Capture the essence of your space with professional interior photography

Showcase your interior designs in their best light with our expert photography service. Ideal for designers, architects, and decorators, our images highlight the beauty and functionality of your spaces, attracting clients and boosting your portfolio.

Why is our “Interior Photo Shoot” service a cut above the rest?

In the world of design, a picture is worth a thousand words, and our interior photography service speaks volumes. With an eye for detail and an understanding of spatial aesthetics, we bring your interior’s character to life. Our professionally lit, perspective-rich photos not only reflect the quality of your work but also tell the story of your space. Whether for a catalog, portfolio, or advertisement, our images are meticulously crafted to captivate and engage your audience.

Interior photography is a type of architecture photography. The purpose of the photographers in this type of photography is to capture the photos and images of the designs and styles used inside a house, room, building and others. This photos shows the character and life of the person who owns it. Some interior designers, architects, artist and others try to use it for decorating, furnishing, designing and constructing a room or building.

Interior photography is especially commonly used by companies, which produce furniture, interior accessories and other things, in advertising and exhibiting for their potential clients.

Our photographer offer to take quality pictures of your interiors and use their knowledge about light and composition to help your products to stand out and gain customers’ attention.

Photos of light and perspective design

It is important to use lighting – especially natural daylight – to create spatial interior photos. The best way to get a clear picture is to take care of both the availability of natural daylight and professional lighting with the help of various flashlights and reflectors. A professional photographer will be able to create the right light balance that will not overheat the room and objects, nor will the room fall into the dark and will not create unnecessary shadows. The photographer, while playing with Interior Lighting, will create fantastic photos that emphasize every detail – how each object fits into the interior, creating an artistic impression provided by the right lighting and perspective.

To show the interior completely, the photographer needs to know the right angles, which will create a wide view of the space design, capturing as much of the room as possible, regardless of its size. By knowing the correct camera positioning in the room and the right camera angles, the photographer will have the necessary equipment – a variety of lenses and tripods that will create a sharp and detailed image. The photographer will create an accurate picture composition with straight lines and a proportionality that will create an eye-catching image.

By retaining a particular style, the photographer will create interior photos that will be ready for insertion into catalogs and other promotional materials. They will be representative of both the overall interior design and individual design elements. Reflecting the premises in the photos will be of high quality, interesting and fully professional.

Why choose our “Interior Photo Shoot” service?


Masterful use of light and angles to create stunning, spatially aware interior images that truly resonate.


Utilizing top-tier equipment and techniques to deliver sharp, detailed, and proportionate interior photographs.


Delivering polished, professional photos ready to enhance your catalogs and marketing collateral.

“Interior Photo Shoot”: Prices and Offers

Prices for interior photo shoot

  • Outdoor photo shoot – 150 EUR first hour
  • each next hour 90 EUR.

Minimal time for outdoor photo shoot is 1 hour.

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Photo Session Gift Cards

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How to Prepare for an “Interior Photo Shoot”?

Getting ready for an interior photo shoot isn’t just about tidying up. It’s an opportunity to showcase your space in the best possible light. A well-prepared environment can make all the difference in capturing the essence and style of your interior. Let’s ensure every shot counts and your space looks its absolute best!

Preparing for an interior photo shoot is much like setting the stage for a grand performance. Each detail contributes to the final composition, ensuring your space is camera-ready. Follow these steps to transform your interiors into photogenic masterpieces:

Create a Clean Canvas

  • Declutter the space by removing any unnecessary items that could distract from the main subjects of your photograph.
  • Ensure all surfaces, including windows and mirrors, are sparkling clean to avoid unsightly smudges or streaks.

Stage Your Space

  • Arrange furniture and accessories to create a balanced and inviting environment. Consider the rule of thirds to make your composition more dynamic.
  • Add fresh flowers or plants to breathe life into the room and provide a pop of color.

Light It Right

  • Maximize natural light by opening curtains and blinds. If the photo shoot is in the evening, ensure all light sources are working and add additional lighting if necessary.
  • Turn off televisions and computer screens to prevent reflections and distractions.

Final Touches

  • Consider the purpose of the photos. If they’re for a catalog or a listing, ensure that the room tells the right story and matches the desired style.
  • Review the space from various angles, and make any last-minute adjustments to the decor. A perfectly placed throw or cushion can be the finishing touch your photo needs.

By carefully preparing your interiors, you’re not just making them look good for the camera; you’re enhancing their innate charm and character, allowing them to convey the very essence of their design to the viewer. So, take the time to prep – your photos will thank you for it!

Client Reviews of Our “Interior Photo Shoot”

Don’t just take our word for it; hear from our satisfied clients! Their glowing testimonials reflect the exceptional quality and attention to detail we bring to every interior photo shoot, ensuring that each space we capture looks nothing short of spectacular.

I ordered an interior photo shoot for selling my apartment. The results exceeded all my expectations. The photographer highlighted all the advantages of my interior. The lighting and angles were top-notch! My apartment sold faster thanks to the excellent photographs!


They approached the photo shoot of our office very professionally. The photographs turned out to be high-quality, detailed, and vivid. I recommend them to everyone!


As an architect, I am always particular about details. But the photographer from surpassed my expectations! Excellent work, thank you!


I turned to your photo studio on a colleague’s recommendation. The interior photos are stunning! You do excellent work, especially appreciating the attention to detail.


The photos for our interior design magazine were done quickly and with high quality. Very satisfied with the collaboration!


Incredible work! My clients are ecstatic about the interior photographs you made for my portfolio. Especially impressed with how you work with light.


From the bottom of my heart, I thank your team for the wonderful photographs of our restaurant. We now have more customers thanks to your work!


Professionalism, quality, and attention to detail – that’s what I can say about your work. My colleagues are also planning to turn to you after seeing my photographs.


I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of work your team provided. The interior photo shoot went smoothly, and the results are simply stunning. Thank you!


We ordered an interior photo shoot for our new studio apartment to post pictures on the website. The photographs turned out bright and attractive. Highly recommend!


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    Questions and Answers about “Interior Photo Shoot”

    Have queries about our interior photo shoot service? Look no further! Our FAQ section is brimming with insightful answers to help you understand how we work magic with light, composition, and angles to transform your space into picture-perfect scenes.

    What is the main specificity of interior photography compared to other types of photography?
    The specificity of interior photography lies in the need to highlight the finest details and play with light. The photographer seeks optimal angles and perspectives to make the space look its most advantageous.
    I need to photograph an apartment for sale. Does your photographer consider the property’s specifics?
    Certainly! Our experienced interior photographers know how to properly emphasize all the advantages of your property, focusing on details and creating the right impression for potential buyers.
    What equipment is used during interior photography?
    We use only professional equipment that allows us to achieve the highest quality of images. This includes high-resolution cameras, lenses, specialized lighting devices, and other accessories.
    What are the main recommendations for preparing an interior for photography?
    It is recommended to remove all unnecessary items to make the interior look spacious and neat. Ensure good lighting of the space and, if possible, use natural daylight. Also, pay attention to small details that can distract attention.
    How much time does it take to photograph one property?
    The duration of the photoshoot depends on many factors, including the size of the space and the complexity of the task. However, on average, photographing one property takes from 2 to 4 hours.
    In what formats will I receive the finished interior photos?
    The photographs are provided in high resolution in JPEG or PNG formats. If you need other formats or specific specifications, please let us know in advance.
    Do you have experience in photography for architects and designers?
    Yes, we regularly collaborate with professionals in architecture and design, creating photographs that highlight their visionary approach and attention to detail.
    Can I order interior photography with travel outside Riga?
    Of course, our photographer is ready to travel to any location you require. For organizing a photoshoot outside Riga, please contact us by phone at +371 27022203 or by email at
    What are your guarantees for the quality of interior photography?
    Our main task is client satisfaction. We guarantee high-quality images, a professional approach, and attention to detail. If you have any complaints, we are ready to address them and make adjustments.
    How does the process of ordering interior photography on your website work?
    To order interior photography, simply fill out the form on this page or contact us at the provided contacts: +371 27022203 and We will discuss all the details and organize the photoshoot at a convenient time for you.